Executive Coaching • Hypnotherapy • Yoga

The pace of modern life is relentless and we all experience challenges at various points in our journey. Therefore it is essential that we take care of our physical and mental well-being.

I work with people at the start of their career as well as established senior executives at large and small corporations. With my experience and qualifications I am able to offer both physical and mental solutions to the challenges of life and career, as well as coaching for business performance.

Having worked at CEO/COO level for over thirty years in large and small corporations in the UK and the USA, I know that for peak performance our mental health is key to professional and personal well-being.

Thirty years ago going to the gym was not as widespread as today, and the benefits of keeping fit were not widely known. There has been a dramatic change in the intervening years with a proliferation of gyms and types of workouts, leading to a heightened awareness of the positive impact on one’s health.

The people who come to see me realise that the pace of modern life requires a set of tools that address the whole person, and that it is a mark of strength (and competitive advantage) to work on the mind and body.

I believe over the next thirty years we will give our mental health as much priority as our physical health, and bring about a sea change in our well-being.

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